Mid City Little League

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    Mid City Little League Boundary Map

    Mid City Little League encompasses the neighborhoods of Normal Heights, Universtiy Heights, City Heights and Kensington. Please check the map below to learn if you live within our league boundaries. In addition, if a player attends one of the schools within our league boundaries, they are eligible to play in Mid City Little League.

    Schools within Mid City Little League's Boundaries

    • Adams Elementary School
    • Central Elementary School
    • Edison Elementary School
    • Euclid Elementary School
    • Franklin Elementary School
    • Garfield Elementary School
    • Leeway Sudbury School
    • Health Sciences High and Middle School
    • Hoover High School
    • Normal Heights Elementary School
    • Our Lady of Sacrad Heart Elementary School
    • St. Didacus School
    • San Diego Global Visions Academy
    • Wilson Middle School

    Mid City Field Location
    • Mid City Little League 3491 Adams Avenue San Diego, CA 92116